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The Baby Show - Is It Worth Going?

If you are expecting or already have a child, you must have heard about The Baby Show. I am a new mummy to be, and only 18 weeks pregnant, but I did go to the event and was it any good? Read below.

It is a 3 day event about everything to do with babies. I went on Saturday and took my partner and my both Grandmas to be as I thought it would be a great idea to involve them both in making decisions for the baby, especially knowing that they have much more experience than me and my better half!

It was a fantastic day out, you are not pressured into buying things, but it is a very informative event as well. Everyone was so friendly and helpful in explaining what their product does and even let you test some of them, especially prams.

They had a buggy testing track built with different surfaces and steps to get a real feel of your chosen buggy.

There were lots of different products available, from environmentally friendly bamboo diapers by Mama Bamboo to alcohol free prosecco by Scavi & Ray.

What I really loved about the show was that you didnt only have big well known brands like Dr Browns, Peg Pereggo, Quinny, Snuz and Cybex and to name a few, but smaller brand that started as problem solving from mums to mums.

I have met so many amazing people and ended up getting so many goodies for my bubba and now I am even more excited about them coming to this world. I feel more ready, more informed and I feel like I know a little bit more about being a mum.

Huge thank you to The Baby Show team for putting this amazing event together, it just makes this special time in our lives a little easier and more exciting. Make sure you go to the next Baby Show. Check their website here for next event dates and follow them on social media!


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