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Natucain Brow & Lash Growth Serums Review

NATUCAIN, the first patented 100% natural origin treatment for hair loss and thinning hair founded by Dr Stefanie Seyda, are proud to introduce their latest launch - the all-new Brow and Lash Serums. Like all NATUCAIN products, they are 100% natural origin, vegan and contain no hormones. They are the perfect solution for longer lashes and denser brows.

The groundbreaking NATUCAIN patented hair growth formula MKMS24 ensures clinically proven 54% denser brows and 52% longer lashes after just six to eight weeks when applying the serums twice a day. Both the Brow and Lash Serums not only strengthen and enhance existing hair but also encourage new hair growth.

NATUCAIN are passionate about the convergence of medicine and biochemistry. They promise natural-based performance treatments without any troubling side effects. Dr Stefanie Seyda developed the brand by discovering the patented MKMS24 formula - derived from bamboo, thyme & lentil extracts - which targets hair loss and promotes hair growth.


Brow and Lash serums often use hormones such as prostaglandin or hormone-based derivatives in their formulations to encourage the growth of new hairs, risking side effects such as eye redness, itching, irritation, dark circles, or swollen eyelids.

NATUCAIN is unique due to the clinically proven formula without any known side effects - which generates new hair growth and strengthens existing hairs, for 54% denser brows and 52% longer lashes. The ingredients are 100% natural origin and vegan, derived from the growth genes in bamboo combined with thyme and lentil extracts.


The Brow & Lash Serums are available for RRP £59 on &

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