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Leanbean fat burner review - Did I see results?

We have one month left until summer, and you know it, and I know it, if we don't start working on this summer body right now, we will have to postpone it till another year yet again!

But you know what.. not this time! No more crash diets! No more starvation! And no more workouts without results! Meet my new best friend LeanBean!

So how does it work?

Leanbean unique formula includes ingredients such as Konjac fibre, that have been shown to help suppress appetite and keep cravings at bay, as well it has a solid amount of Green Coffee and Green Tea that helps boosting your energy and speeds your metabolism. They have also selected ingredients that can help promote healthy levels of oestrogen, which is vital in the fight against fat and all of the ingredients come from natural sources! Read more about their ingredients: https://leanbeanofficial.com/ingredients

Unlike some other fat burners on the market Leanbean has no nasty side effects and will not leave you feeling jittery or unwell. Leanbean has quickly become the fat burner of choice for active women worldwide. Each capsule is designed to keep your body balanced, vibrant and healthy whilst losing weight. Take Leanbean alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise and wave goodbye to cellulite and stubborn fat and say hello to a flat and firm tummy, toned arms and legs and increased confidence and self esteem.

Let's put it to the test!

Before I took my first LeanBean capsule I weigh 70.50kg and I am 6ft tall.

My measurements were 98cm/73.5cm/100cm

I definitely don't see myself as overweight, but after Christmas and all that comfort eating over cold months of the year, I started to loose confidence in my body. I felt bloated all the time, and I had to put a stop on it.

There are 120 capsules in one Leanbean bottle which makes it a one month supply. I took one capsule four times a day, one before breakfast, one before lunch, one in the afternoon and one before my evening meal. Leanbean advised that, by spreading out the dose evenly throughout the day will maximise the time that Leanbean is working and getting the most from each capsule.

Four weeks later...

I have been taking Leanbean for four weeks now. I have noticed amazing results already. First of all I don't feel so hungry all the time! I am the worst person when it comes to snacking in the evening in front of the TV. I used to have a packet of Haribos, few biscuits, second sit in to my dinner leftovers, basically just anything, and just because.. no reason!.. Just to occupy my belly.. Not anymore! I still eat as usual, but don't feel like snacking so much in between!

I am not an obsessive gym babe, but I do try and train at least 3 times a week, since I started taking Leanbean I have noticed the increase of my energy levels, I can do same gym routine much faster and easier.

My main problem was feeling bloated, I had that little puffy low belly all the time, and with a tight top or a dress it was making me feel a little uncomfortable, so I would choose to wear something looser instead. Well not anymore! Check my results! My weight have dropped from 70.50kg to 66kg. My waist measured 73.5cm four weeks ago and today I am 67.5cm!

I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is looking to fight that stubborn cellulite and fat! The results are speaking for themselves. With very minimal efforts, just sticking to my normal routine, I achieved these results much faster and easier!

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