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Sky-high yoga with Squirrel Sisters

I was over the moon when I opened an email from Squirrel Sisters Gracie and Sophie with an invitation to a morning of empowerment at one of London's premium attractions, the Views from The Shard.

We had an amazing 45 minute yoga class by award winning Mandy Jhamat from Yogasphere 800ft above ground, with an incredible 360º view of London.

'While you contemplate the view, top instructors from Yogasphere, a company specialising in yoga at beautiful venues, are on hand to help you gain a metaphorically new perspective on city life.' said Evening Standard.

The yoga class was followed by inspirational speaker Sophie Leah, who reminded us how special each and every one of us are, and to never give up on our dreams. She told us that it is not enough to only have a talent, we need to be determined and work had toward our goes every day, little step at a time.

Breakfast was sensational! We were treated to Squirrel Sisters Raw Energy Bars, Pitch Coffee, Pure Blend Co. chia puddings and whey and vegan blends and amazing Grain & Bowl granolas! Yummy!

I had the best experience ever, I left energised, inspired and filled with goodness and I am looking forward to another Squirrel Sisters event!

I have attached links bellow of everyone involved in this event, have a look and find them on my Instagram to follow!








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