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Bondi Sands Self Tanning Product Review


Discover the high performance and quality of self-tanning products and learn why they are Australia’s Number one tanning product manufacturer. Their entire collection of products has been featured in some of the biggest beauty industry events as well as winning some of the biggest industry awards for its excellence in performance. Each of the products that they have to offer showcase the highest quality Ingredients that work to leave your skin feeling moisturised and rejuvenated whilst giving it a natural looking glow. Infused with the richness of Aloe Vera and scented with the sweet aroma of Coconut it is easy to see why their products have made them the leading tanning product provider both within Australia and internationally.


I am not your typical self tanner as you might expect, so for me this experience was quite new and exciting. I have tried few tanning product before, and I found that they usually have this weird smell about them.. even after the shower, it lingers on your body and exposes you to everyone that your tan is not quite natural!.. But with Bondi Sands that was not the case. It has a lovely coconut oil smell, which is so pleasant I would use it as body scent :) Bondi Sands tanning foam has light brown tint to it, so it is easier to apply as the colour gives you guidance.

I have tried few of their products and here is my tanning tips and feedback. Lets go!


1. Shave your legs and armpits day before your tan. From my experience I found that if you shave just before applying self tan, for some reason the tan gets into the pores where hair used to be and your legs might look a little dotty. 

2. Have a hot bath or hot shower and use exfoliating mitt to scrub all that dead skin and any product leftovers off.

3. Use light moisturiser on your palms, fingers up to your knuckles, between your fingers,  feet, heels, knees and elbows. Everyones body different, so if you have some particularly dry areas, then apply there as well.


1. Definitely get an application mitt to apply your tan. Otherwise your hand with absorb too much tan and end up having much darker tone that the rest of your body.

2. I used Bondi Sands Self Tanning Mitt. It has very soft surface with very dense fibres and it feels amazing on your skin. Apply few pumps of tanning foam on the mitt and squeeze it so it spreads more evenly on the skin from the first stroke.

3. Apply tanning foam in little section. Don't do the whole body in one go. First apply on your legs up to the knees, then upper leg including the bum and so on.

4. I firstly spread the foam with the mitt in one long stoke and then spread it evenly in circular motion making sure it covers every spot. Use the little leftovers on those moisturised dry areas mentioned above. Keep buffing until you are sure it is evenly covered. Remember that you can build up your tan. The more layers you apply, the darker your tan will get.

5. Wear something loose and dark. You don't want tight clothing to rub parts of your tan off. Wear a large t-shirt / dress or silky dressing gown with the belt tied loosely. 

6. Keep your tan applied for as long as you can. If you have a party to go to, apply the tan first thing in the morning and wash it off just before you start getting ready. I personally don't like to keep it overnight, because it colour your sheets (I always use white) and I feel like it can get patchy on the body due to sweating at night. 

7. When having a shower, do not rub your skin with any mitts. Just let the tan run down, helping with your hand only.

8. After the shower, moisturise your skin and you are ready to go!


1. Remember to keep your skin moisturised, so your tan fades more evenly.

2. If you want to keep topping up, I would suggest using daily product, for example Everyday Liquid Gold. It will give your skin the glow, and will keep the light tan going for much longer. Remember, it is not as dark as foam.


I was thrilled with the results. The self tanning foam was so easy to apply and left me with streak free golden glowing tan. I was asked where did I go on holiday as I look so sun kissed :) I am using Everyday Liquid Gold dry oil every second day to maintain my tan. And I am more confident now to leave my house without any makeup on. My skin look fresh and glowing. The colour of the tan is so natural, it does not give you that orange shade that looks extremely fake. Would I buy it again? Absolutely! I would suggest you try it too!

I would give it 10/10 for self tanning product!

Visit their website to read more about the products:


It is available in UK as well in Asos, Superdrug, BootsFeelunique and many other retailers. 

Have a lovely tan!

Juste x

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