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Easter Hats

EASTER doesn't just mean eggs and chocolate (though, yes, that is what it means to most of us!). It's also about hats and Easter bonnets and dressing up a bit too. With this in mind and the plentiful flamboyant hats on the autumn/winter 2012-13 catwalks - just gone - to inspire us, we've paid tribute to the humble Easter bonnet through high fashion. Think Marc Jacobs' oversized mushroom hats and Giles' feathery mounds, as well as some more wearable and spring-appropriate looks too.

MAISON MICHEL - How appropriate! If an Easter bonnet is a bit far fetched for you, bunny ears are certainly the way to go. £295, www.brownsfashion.com

ANYA HINDMARCH - This hat just says summer. We imagine being in a park and by the river on the Bank Holiday weekend. £150, www.harrods.com

LOUIS VUITTON - It was all about the accessories, really, at the Vuitton show (the hats, the luggage, the men accompanying the models), which makes it quite the show to take your Easter dressing inspiration from.

MARC JACOBS - Every look came with an oversized mushroom-style hat at Marc Jacobs. Stephen Jones, the man behind the hats, seemingly took the idea of a bonnet and really ran with it. We like.

PHILIP TREACY - Spring is the season when everyone starts to get wedding invites, garden party save-the-dates and more besides. This is just the thing for the former occasion. £899, www.harrods.com

RACHEL TREVOR MORGAN - In case you hadn't noticed, the Twenties are back care of The Great Gatsby and this hat makes the perfect nod to the most glamorous of eras.

£950, www.harrods.com

MARIE MERCIÉ - Easter is all about the sweet things in life - even your mouse-themed headwear. £215, www.brownsfashion.com

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD - For a more gothic vibe to your Easter bonnet, channel the Vivienne Westwood show where fun was had with lace and brocade and veils.

OPENING CEREMONY - Candy stripes and lots of fun - this is what this hat is about and that is precisely what Easter should be about too. £65, www.brownsfashion.com

Share your planned outfits and any interesting ideas you found! Please share, comment and like below! Have a lovely week!

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