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12 Random and Interesting Facts about Burberry

Bet you know something about the Burberry brand? But even if you really don’t, you’ve probably seen that iconic Burberry check and Burberry brown somewhere at some time. Here’s are some interesting facts to let you know more about the over a century old fashion brand.

Burberry Random Facts

1. Thomas Burberry started Burberry in 1856. He was a 21 year-old former draper’s apprentice at the time when he opened his own store Basingstoke, Hampshire, England.

2.The Burberry logo was developed in 1951. The brand’s Equestrian Knight logo was registered as a trademark in the same year.

3. Burberry has 4 brands; Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London, Burberry Brit and Burberry Sport

4. The renowned Burberry check was created around 1920 and was originally used as a lining for Burberry trench coats.

5. The Burberry logo contains the Latin word, “Prorsum” which means “forwards”

6. The original name of the brand was Burberry; customers began to call it Burberrys so the name was changed as such. The old name can still be seen on older products

7. The “Art of the Trench” is an exclusive made to order trench coat service that Burberry recently launched.

8. The former Burberry headquarters in Haymarket, London has been around for more a 100 years. It was opened in 1891, and became the headquarters of the fashion chain 1912. Although it is no longer used by Burberry, it is still standing today and is still referred to as the Burberry building.

9. From 1911, Burberry clothed Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole and Ernest Shackleton, the man who led the expedition to cross the Antartica.

10. George Mallory was clad in a Burberry gabardine jacket during his unfortunate effort to climb Mount Everest in 1924.

11. The Burberry “trench coat” which is a popular favourite was an original from the army. The British War Office commissioned Burberry in 1914 to adjust its officer’s coat to meet the standards for contemporary warfare. The trench coat which resulted from that effort became a hit with the civilian population after the war.

12. Burberry Black Label and Burberry Blue Label are 2 other brands which Burberry has; it operates them as regional brands for the Japanese market.

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